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We want to do the right thing, for our dogs and our planet…

Our mission is to make the very best pet foods whilst also doing the very best we can for our planet.

Organ meats such as kidneys, tripe, lung, liver & hearts are the very best of nutrition for dogs.

These organ meats are usually sent to landfill sites as they not eaten enough by humans

and pet food companies won’t use it as it is far too expensive to process.


We are far from perfect, but just because we can’t be perfect, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be good.

We source the finest human grade organ meats close to our state of the art production facilities in Germany.

We ONLY sell directly to dog owners so that we reduce transport costs throughout the system.

We know that, in the wild, they are the first parts that an animal will choose to eat, as they instinctively know the health benefits of these ingredients. In the human food chain, we sadly send most of these organ meats to landfill sites as they are really expensive to process and so aren’t used in pet foods despite being truly sustainable.

These are the parts that we at Love the Planet, use…

We then add a good array of sustainable vegetables, herbs, vitamins and essential minerals, whilst ensuring they are of the highest quality and wholesome.

As gently as possible, we process the food using a good old-fashioned method of steaming in the can.

It may not be cheap to do the very best for our dogs and the very best for our planet but this way we are truly sustainable. In the long run doing anything else is far more expensive for us all.


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No Jellies

No Wheat

No Soya

No Artificial Colours

No Additives

No Meal or Derivatives

No Grain

No Gluten

No Fillers